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Keep your properties in TOP SHAPE with our management support services. When it comes to managing your most valuable assets, we strive for excellence in everything we do. The following services are included as part of our comprehensive property management offering. We are committed to providing a hands-on, detail-oriented approach for both you and your tenant, giving you the freedom to step back and appreciate the benefits of your investment. Additionally, as each property and situation is unique, we are able to create a management program that addresses your specific needs.

Tenant Management Services
Document Management Services
Investment Management Services

We use cutting edge marketing tools to connect with a wide local audience, and we syndicate listings across numerous classified sites. We list properties on many websites with a complete description.


Never worry about the health of your home again. We perform frequent inspections to ensure tenants adhere to the terms of their lease and to identify potential maintenance issues.


Let us handle your accounting needs and experience the peace of mind property experts provide. We compile detailed reports and provide 24/7 access through your account portal. Owners have the option of receiving statements online through their own portal, mailed, or emailed. All rents, costs, and fees are disclosed, along with copies of bills.

Should I Hire a Property Management Company?

We have some of the most strict tenant requirements to make sure we rent to the highest quality tenant. Our proven screening process helps us identify red flags quickly. Avoid the headache and let us find the ideal renter for you.


All of our vendors are required to have insurance and if needed, licenses. We make sure they charge a fair price for all work completed.


Whether you are a seasoned investor or just getting started, we can assist you in achieving your goals. Furthermore, we are experts at 1031 exchanges.


Stop following up with your tenants for rent payments each month. We will automize your payments and disburse earnings quickly to protect your cash flow.


In the rare occurrence that an eviction needs to be performed, it is important to be prepared. We will handle the eviction process for our owners along with our eviction attorney.

When it comes to the management of your most valuable assets, Citadel Realty LLC is eager to achieve excellence in every detail. We strive to provide a thorough and interactive approach that accommodates both you and your tenant, enabling you to observe and appreciate the benefits of your investment in residential property management Colorado Springs.

Citadel Realty LLC acknowledges that residential property management Colorado Springs is not merely a component of our business; rather, it serves as a fundamental pillar of our service to our customers. We acknowledge the value that managed properties provide to property owners, investors, and tenants. Our property management approach is founded upon principles of professionalism, transparency, and tireless effort. We have a team of seasoned property managers who possess extensive expertise in the complexities of real estate management. We are proficient in various aspects, including tenant selection, lease administration, maintenance, inspections, and more. Do not hesitate—contact us for a seamless property management experience!

Effective tenant management is a fundamental component of the real estate industry. Our focus is to prioritize meticulous tenant management to guarantee property owners can get hold of responsible and qualified renters. The objective is to avoid the risks associated with renting and achieve financial advantages through our exceptional property management Colorado Springs.

Citadel Realty LLC’s property advertising is a vital service that concentrates on promoting properties through diverse channels to optimize visibility and appeal to the appropriate target demographic. We help property owners to successfully present properties to investors. With our skillful blend of strategic planning, creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and adherence to legal and ethical principles, we make the process easier for owners. In addition, our property management Colorado Springs manages the maintenance of the property through inspections to ensure your property is in good hands. If you are looking for someone to screen potential tenants and collect rent, call us now!

The process of document management entails careful and systematic organization, storage, and upkeep of a diverse range of documents associated with rental properties. The system functions as an essential tool for maintaining accurate records, promoting legal compliance, cultivating transparency, and facilitating accountability in property management in Colorado Springs. Our system brings advantages to property owners, tenants, and property managers.

Citadel Realty LLC offers support to property owners in the preparation of financial documents such as income statements and financial reports. This assistance serves to improve full disclosure in monitoring the financial performance of property management in Colorado Springs. The rent collection provides tenants with a secure and efficient method to make payments as we use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. You can also request information regarding the process of issuing 1099 forms for tax reporting purposes. We let property owners access their financial transactions and property-related expenses with invoices and owner statements online. We also outline lease agreements for tenants to clarify the legal basis for addressing disputes and lease violations. If you want to ask questions about our tenant management, document management, and investment management services—contact us now!

Experience Peace Of Mind With Our Property Management In Colorado Springs

Our property management in Colorado Springs extends beyond conventional standards. We acknowledge the challenges associated with property ownership and maintenance and, therefore, place great emphasis on ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. We also ensure to optimize the return on investment for you.