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Citadel Realty, a top property management and real estate firm in Colorado Springs since 1980, excels in managing rental properties for owners. Serving property owners, buyers, sellers, investors, and tenants, we offer comprehensive real estate services. Our website is a valuable source for information on property management, 1031 exchanges, and real estate transactions.

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Our Colorado Springs property management services extend beyond conventional standards. We know about the challenges associated with property ownership and maintenance. That’s why we place great emphasis on ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. We also ensure to optimize the return on investment for you.

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Citadel Realty offers comprehensive residential and commercial real estate services across Colorado Springs and its neighboring communities. Our expertise is particularly notable in property management within El Paso County, including Colorado Springs, and we also offer assistance in renting out properties.

Our services are diverse, catering to various needs such as buying your first home, acquiring new constructions, investment opportunities, selling or purchasing a home, downsizing, relocating, or facilitating 1031 tax-deferred exchanges. We are dedicated to supporting your real estate aspirations by delivering exceptional service and providing valuable information, ensuring that you can make informed decisions with ease.


Top-Rated Property Management Services Colorado Springs Property Owners Can Trust

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Residential Property Management

Keep your properties in TOP SHAPE with our management support services. When it comes to managing your most valuable assets, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

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Commercial Property Management

We offer commercial LEASING and SALES to all of our clients. No property is too large or too small. If you have a vacant unit, we will market the property, screen the tenants’ and handle all move in operations.


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Melanie Weseman Citadel Realty and Property Management

Melanie Weseman

Owner/Broker, Property Manager
Since 2003, Melanie has been an active real estate broker, collaborating with a diverse clientele including buyers, sellers, investors, tenants, and property owners. Her expertise extends to managing bank foreclosures and short sales. Melanie is proficient in aiding clients with the purchase and sale of their homes or investment properties. With a wealth of experience in property flipping, she brings substantial knowledge in construction and investment strategies, including proficiency in 1031 exchanges. As the proprietor of Citadel Realty, Melanie also oversees the property management of several hundred units within the company. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and her career trajectory encompasses the ownership of multiple businesses in the real estate sector.


Peace Of Mind Property Management Colorado Springs Property Owners Can Trust

At last, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a diligent team dedicated to handling every aspect of your needs. We approach our work with utmost seriousness, fully understanding that property management consists of numerous dynamic components. Our commitment is to manage everything meticulously, ensuring that you can relax, knowing everything is taken care of efficiently.