PCS-ing Colorado Springs Property Management

PCS-ing Colorado Springs Property Management

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) is very common, as more than 400,000 service members make this change every year. Unlike temporary assignments, a PCS order is a long-term assignment of typically two to four years. Colorado Springs is no stranger to the military and PCS moves. The Defense Department provides a wide variety of resources to help make your PCS move easy. They even provide a checklist to help you and your loved ones during a PCS move. However, enlisting the help of a PCS-ing Colorado Springs property management company can make things much easier for you in a variety of ways. 

The military is an essential part of the Colorado Springs local economy that provides vibrant and unique aspects to the landscape and economy. If you are lucky enough to be one of the approximately 40,000 active duty service members, you know the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains is a unique and beautiful place to reside.  

Colorado Springs is home to five military installations, including:

With Colorado Springs being the second most popular place to live and with a growing population set to become the largest city in Colorado, there is a lot to consider as an active duty military member. Many service members may receive a PCS order coming into or out of the Colorado Springs area. 

Considering A PCS-Ing Colorado Springs Property Management Company

If you own property, you may want to consider hiring a property manager. A PCS-ing Colorado Springs property manager can help in a variety of ways to ease your mind. There are particular considerations to keep in mind. Citadel Realty, LLC wants to be sure you are fully supported before, during, and after your PCS move. Here are the top five things to consider when given a PCS order:

1) Rental or Sale Consideration: Decide whether to rent or sell your property. 

2) Maintenance and Repairs: Address any pending maintenance or repairs.

3) Insurance and Security: Protect your assets and be sure you’re insured and have security.

4) Utilities and Services: Arrange for the disconnection or transfer of utilities and services. 

5) Legal and Financial Documents: Ensure all legal and financial documents related to your property are organized and accessible. 

Let’s go into these items in a bit more detail and give you an idea of how a property management company, like the experts at Citadel Realty, LLC, can help you and your property in your transition.

Rental or Sale Consideration

When you get your PCS orders, you’ll want to establish a plan for managing your property, such as hiring a property manager or having someone you trust oversee it. Colorado Springs is a growing area, and renting your property can provide you with residual income that could help you in your new location. 

On the other hand, a sale may provide you with upfront money you need for a move and a down payment on property elsewhere. For selling, you’ll want to engage with a real estate agent to take the right steps to list the property and handle the sales process remotely.

Enlisting the assistance of a good PCS-ing Colorado Springs property manager can help you either way. If you want to rent your property, a property manager can help with maintaining your property, finding tenants, and collecting rent while you’re away. If you’re looking to sell, even in a good market, it can take time to get a good offer. You may need to be in your new location before everything is finalized. A property manager, even on a short contract, can help to maintain your home and work with your agent to sell your home while you’re away. 

In particular, Citadel Realty, LLC, can help you manage and/or sell your property. Melanie Weseman, has over 20 years in the Colorado Springs area. As a licensed real estate agent and a property manager, she can help guide you through all the possibilities and help you make a decision that is right for you. 

Insurance and Security

If you are a property owner and rent out your property during your PCS, you’ll want to update your homeowner’s insurance policy to reflect the change and potentially different risks. Additionally, consider installing or upgrading security measures to protect your property while you’re away. A local property manager can help you ensure the right policies and, if needed, help with the installation of security, not to mention you’ll have someone in the area who can keep an eye on your property. 

Maintenance and Repairs 

You know that owning a property in Colorado Springs or the surrounding area can be challenging. If you decide to rent out your property during a PCS, you will want to look at your best options for property maintenance and repairs. 

Any local property management company should be familiar with PCS orders and can help you quickly get a maintenance and repair plan in place for your property, should you decide to rent it. You should be able to trust your property manager to check on your property regularly, schedule yearly maintenance, and be able to address any emergency repairs. Make sure your PSC-ing Colorado Springs property management company has great reviews and good service contacts. 

The top-rated Citadel Realty, LLC team has you covered. Melanie and her team know great local service companies and can put in place regular maintenance plans to ensure your property will be protected. Ensuring repairs are done in a timely manner will also keep your tenants happy and give you peace of mind.

Utilities and Services

Something that can often get overlooked during a PCS move is the utilities and services. You’ll want to be sure any remaining balances are paid off. However, when renting your property, you’ll also want to discuss with your property manager about canceling or transferring services like electricity, water, internet, and cable. Do you want the renters to get services in their name? Will you, as the owner, be taking care of all or some of the basic utilities and including that in your rent?

A PCS-ing Colorado Springs property management company can help you work out the details, ensure your utilities are paid for and make thoughtful recommendations on how to best manage payments or transfers. Many have the data and background to support a decision on what works best for renting your property.

Legal and Financial Documents

This includes deeds, mortgage or lease agreements, insurance policies, and any relevant contracts. This also includes a copy of your HOA policies if you happen to live in an area with one. Having these documents readily available can help address any issues that might arise during the transition or while you’re away. You’ll want to be sure you and your property manager have copies of many of these items to ensure everyone has the information needed. 

Citadel Realty, LLC can provide electronic copies of all new lease agreements, inform you of insurance policy update needs, and ensure that HOA rules and regulations are followed by tenants. They’ll make sure your property is well cared for during your PCS. 

Citadel Realty, LLLC For Top Notch Pcs-Ing Colorado Springs Property Management 

Taking care of these key aspects can help mitigate potential issues and ensure a smoother transition when receiving a permanent change of station. When receiving a permanent change of station (PCS), Citadel Realty, LLC, wants military service members to know they are here to support them as their local PCS-ing Colorado Springs property management company. Melanie and her professional team of property managers have worked with many military families, and they know how to streamline your process and take the stress out of property ownership. 

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