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Colorado Springs is a destination place for purchasing investment properties. The beautiful Rocky Mountains and the diversity of properties make it ideal. If you own a rental property or are looking to invest in one, finding a top-tier property management company is a game-changer. Seasoned real estate broker, Melanie Weseman, at Citadel Realty, LLC has over two decades of experience in the Colorado Springs area. If you’re looking for best property management Colorado Springs, Melanie and her team is the place to go.

Citadel Realty, LLC for best property management Colorado Springs

Citadel Realty, LLC focuses on professionalism and unparalleled service. Owner Melanie Weseman is a reputable real estate broker, garnering Citadel Realty an excellent reputation for her commitment to clients’ needs and delivering exceptional results. Our experience in diverse real estate transactions includes property management. Our team is adept at navigating property transaction complexities. We ensure clients receive expert guidance and provide seamless experiences for property owners and renters alike. 

What Citadel Realty can do for you

What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach to property management in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. We cater to a wide spectrum of client needs and offer tailored solutions for buyers, sellers, investors, and landlords. We work to foster enduring client-agent relationships, ensuring ongoing support throughout the real estate journey. For property management services we offer:

1) Tenant Management – Let us handle your entire tenant acquisition process, we can advertise vacancies, screen tenants, conduct background and credit checks, verify employment and rental history, and select reliable tenants for you to ensure a low turnover rate. Not only that, we provide ongoing tenant relations, addressing concerns, handling disputes, and acting as the primary point of contact for your tenants to manage your property professionally and ensure a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship.

2) Property Maintenance – No more late night calls for repairs. The team at Citadel Realty, LLC will ensure your property is well maintained, oversee inspections, coordinate repairs, and promptly address tenant concerns or issues. 

3) Financial Management – We work to ensure timely payments from tenants and provide regular reports for your property. We can help you to set market rental rates and maintain accurate financial records.

4) Legal Compliance – Citadel Realty, LLC stays up-to-date with local, state, and federal housing laws to help give you peace of mind. We will ensure your property complies with all legal requirements including safety codes, fair housing laws, and lease agreements. We can also help you with scheduling inspections and obtaining the right amount of insurance for your property.  

With these services, the team at Citadel Realty, LLC meticulously handles every aspect of your property management so you don’t have to. Melanie Weseman’s guidance ensures that each property under management receives dedicated attention, and works to maximize its potential for optimal returns for property owners. We work to understand your goals and create strategies to meet your specific objectives. 

Specialization in 1031 Exchanges

In addition to property management, Melanie Weseman’s expertise in 1031 exchanges is a benefit to real estate investors. A 1031 exchange is a tax-deferment strategy for investment properties that demands precision and proficiency. Melanie’s guidance through the complexities of this process ensures clients can capitalize on this powerful investment tool for investing in or transitioning to future properties. This attribute only adds to Citadel Realty, LLC’s reputation for being the best property management company Colorado Springs.  

A Legacy of Success Stories

Our success is evident in the stories of satisfied clients. Our commitment to transparency, open communication, and personalized service ensures you will feel supported and empowered throughout your real estate endeavors. We consistently deliver outstanding results, earning accolades and fostering long-term client relationships. See what some of our clients and tenants have had to say.

“For years, Melanie and the staff at Citadel Realty managed, and eventually, helped sell our rentals.  They were all a pleasure to work with!” – CBA Holdings, LLC

“Citadel Realty was responsible for the property I rented for two years. During this time they were always timely with any maintenance issues I had. They were always professional and I never once had to worry about delays, lack of communication, or chronic problems. Thank you for making it easy to rent a place!!! I highly recommend  this company!” – Laura Small

“I have used Citadel Realty since I came to COS in 2017.  Melanie and her staff have been a joy to work with and have always been responsive to my needs.  As a tenant in two of the rentals that they manage, I could not wish for a better landlord. When I decided to buy a house, this was the only place I would consider. Home buying isn’t easy, but Melanie went the extra mile to make sure I got a great house.” C D’Silva

Partnering with Citadel Realty, LLC

Partnering with Citadel Realty, LLC, under Melanie Weseman’s guidance guarantees a hassle-free, rewarding property management experience. Whether you’re a first-time landlord, a seasoned investor, or considering a 1031 exchange, their expertise ensures a smooth and successful journey.

Choosing Citadel Realty means you’ve chosen the best property management Colorado Springs, backed by professionalism, tailored solutions, and a solid commitment to your success.

Citadel Realty, LLC

Citadel Realty, LLC provides top-notch services for residential, land, income properties, bank owned properties, and relocation in the El Paso County area. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service with honesty, integrity, and respect. Contact us to get the best property management services in Colorado Springs, Monument, Fountain, Falcon, Manitou Springs, and other cities in El Paso County. With decades of experience in real estate and property management, you can rest assured that your property is under professional care. Give us a call at 719-266-6003.