Selling Your Home

Selling your home in the Colorado Springs real estate market can not only be a bittersweet task, but also a daunting one. Listing an El Paso County property involves certain variables like timing, location, pricing, the state of the local or Colorado real estate market, and legal matters involved in the sale of property. Without careful consideration of these factors, you may not end up with the best possible deal on your hands. It’s always safe to first do research on each area before you decide to commit to selling your home.

How We Work for You

Sometimes there are unforeseen variables that sneak their way into the picture, despite you having done painstaking research beforehand. Even the most shrewd homeowners can face circumstances beyond anyone’s control, such as big market fluctuations in local real estate. 

This is where your Citadel Realty Real Estate professional comes in: your agent should not only be knowledgeable and up-to-date with current trends in real estate in places like Monument and Fountain, but also be experienced enough to make the best decisions for you within the context of the industry. Buying and selling homes are part of the real estate agent’s trade—placing your trust in and delegating your work to the right agent can spare you from hours of headache and possibly even heartache. 

Your real estate agent should have access to a network of contacts, good negotiation skills in dealing with buyers, sellers, and middlemen, and most importantly, the commitment to meet your unique goals. With their guidance, you can go through the selling process with confidence and peace of mind.

Try our free home evaluation service: We analyze the market for you, taking into account the most actively-searched prices and home values in your area. We then send you a detailed evaluation so that you can see things in the proper context.

  • See what else is on the market: Use the customizable search tools on our site to get a better picture of the competition.
  • Draw up your marketing plan: Our tried-and-tested marketing plan will help give structure to the processes involved in selling your home.
  • Talk to one of our agents: Contact any of us at Breckenridge Associates anytime to talk about your goals in selling your property. We’ll guide you through all the necessary steps and ensure your listing gets the best exposure and lands you the right buyer, for the right price.

We suggest doing a bit of preliminary research using our on-site tools in order for you to properly determine your home-selling goals. After collecting enough we’re here to help!

Why Work With A Citadel Realty Real Estate Agent

At Citadel Realty we are dedicated to the real estate business and a commitment to you as our client to do every thing possible to satisfy your real estate needs, maximize your investment, and keep your real estate business for years to come. 

Our unparalleled knowledge of the local market and economy combined with a well developed marketing plan, full-time professional support staff and our easy access North Academy Blvd location have resulted in Citadel Realty being one of the top sales and property management companies in El Paso County for many years.

We are dedicated to getting you seamlessly where you want to be, on time. To receive a FREE market analysis, please call us at 855-530-8008.