Investment in A Deck or Patio

Creating a deck or patio is a great way to enhance the value of your home and provides an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Here are a number of suggestions to help make sure that your investment into a patio or a deck is done properly:

  1. Study your local real estate market to be sure you’re making improvements that home buyers want and will pay for.
  2. Develop a practical budget. A reserve of 10 to 20 percent of your budget should cover unexpected costs or changes.
  3. Work with a competent professional who has the time, the tools and experience to handle the complex installation problems. Decks and patios are fairly straightforward home construction projects; however, it is very important to make sure you have good references on the professional that you hire.
  4. Develop a working timeline that allows plenty of leeway to finish the project. In most municipalities, you need a building permit before you begin. Be sure to check building codes to learn about specific standards, restrictions and regulations.
  5. When choosing the shape, style and materials, keep in mind the architectural style of your home. Try to keep your selection limited to no more than two building materials. This actually gives you more flexibility in the construction process and in the final finishing stage.
  6. Even a single material will give you a very effective look if combined with the appropriate landscaping and outdoor furniture. Use of too many different materials can lead to the area being too complex and result in a poorly executed construction.
  7. Decks and patios have become popular spaces for entertaining, barbecuing, relaxing and for children’s play. Decks and patios are practical and valuable additions, as they typically recoup most of their original construction cost.

Planning Your Deck Or Patio

A deck or patio is a major addition, so it is important to plan carefully.

Ask yourself the following questions before you begin.

  1. How many people will be using the space. Be realistic about your space needs. Recommended dimensions provide for 20 sq. ft. per person-a space that is comfortable but not excessive. Consider the amenities you want the space to have.
  2. Are you building for entertaining, relaxing or both? If you are using the space for entertaining, you may want to allow more space for built-in seating, circular eating areas, a hot tub or spa.
  3. If you are entertaining you may want to create a built-in cooking center. You may also want to allow more space for built-in seating, circular eating areas, a hot tub or spa.
  4. If your patio or deck is for family use, an economical, modest size deck or patio large enough for relaxing and dining outdoors may serve your needs.
  5. Other questions you should ask yourself includes:
    a. How will the patio or deck be used
    b. Do you have a fence that is high enough to ensure your privacy?
    c. Do you want privacy? If so, you need to allow for space for a fence.
    d. When will the patio or deck be used?
    e. do you have adequate lighting?
    f. Who will be using the patio or deck?
    g. Is it accessible and safe for small children?

Thorough Planning is extremely important. A well designed space, large or small, should be determined well before the construction process begins.

Each year millions of Americans add decks or patios onto their homes to add value to their property as well as for entertainment reasons. In order for you to create a deck or patio that holds its value and provides years of entertainment, If you plan very carefully and research your options before you begin and choose your professional very carefully, you will create a deck or patio that will hold its value and will provide years of entertainment.