Home Improvement & Repair

Home Repair Costs

The following costs are general cost estimates for repairs and/or improvements to a typical three bedroom two bath home. Costs vary from state to state. The quality and price of materials used varies widely and can affect costs. The information listed below should be used for basic planning purposes.

Roofing – Flashings – Chimney 
Install conventional asphalt shingles over existing shingles$1.25 – $2 / sq. ft.
Strip and re-shingle with conventional shingles$2 – $3 / sq. ft
Strip and re-roof with cedar shingles$5 – $7 per sq. ft.
Strip and replace built-up tar and gravel roof$4 – $6 / sq. ft.
Strip and replace single-ply membrane$4 – 6 / sq. ft.
Reflash typical chimney$300 – $500
Reflash typical skylight$300 – $500
Rebuild typical chimney above roof line$100-$200 / lin. ft.
Repoint typical chimney above roof line$20-$30 / row
Exterior Install galvanized or aluminum gutters and downspouts$3 – $5 / lin. ft.
Soffits – Fascias – Repointing – Water Proofing 
Install aluminum soffits and fascia$8 – $12 / lin. ft
Install aluminum or vinyl siding$3 – $4.50 / sq. ft.
Repoint exterior wall (soft mortar)$3 – 4.50 / sq. ft
Repoint exterior wall (hard mortar)$6 – $8 / sq. ft.
Parge foundation walls$3 – $4 / sq. ft.
Damp proof foundation walls and install weeping tile$60-$120 / lin. ft.
Garages – Decks – Retaining Walls – Foundation 
Install a deck$12- $20 / sq. ft.
Rebuild exterior basement stairwell$3500 – $5000
Build detached garage(single)$8000 and up
Build detached garage (double)$12000 and up
Build retaining wall (wood)$20 – $25 /sq. ft.
Build retaining wall (concrete)$30 – $40 / sq. ft.
Structure Underpin one corner of house$3500 and up
Underpin or add foundations$300 + /lin. ft.
Lower basement floor by underpinning and/or bench footings$150-$300 / lin. ft.
Replace deteriorating sill beam with concrete$60 and up/ lin. ft.
Install basement support post with proper foundation$200 – $400
Perform chemical treatment for termites$500 and up
Repair minor crack in poured concrete foundation$400 – $800
Electric Repairs – Upgrades 
Electrical Upgrade electrical service to 100 amps$1200-1800
Upgrade electrical service to 200 amps$1500 – $2000
Install new circuit breaker panel$500 – $700
Add 120 volt circuit$150 – $250
Add 240 volt circuit$250 – $350
Add conventional receptacle$75 – $150
Replace conventional receptacle with ground fault circuit receptacle$60 – $90
Rewire electrical outlet with reversed polarity    (assuming electrician already there)$5 – $10 ea.
Install conventional fire – burglar alarm system$1000 and up
Heating Systems – Air Conditioning 
Heating install mid-efficiency forced-air furnace$1700 – $2500
Install high-efficiency forced-air furnace$2500 – $3500
Install drum-type humidifier$200 – $300
Install electronic air filter$500 – $800
Install mid-efficiency boiler$2500 – $4000
Install high-efficiency boiler$5000 – $9000
Rebuild firepot (refractory) on boiler$500 – $800
Install circulating pump$400 – $600
Install chimney liner$300 – $700
Install set-back thermostat$100 – $300
Remove oil tank from basement$200 – $400
Remove abandoned underground oil tank$3500 and up
Replace radiator valve$75 – $150
Add electric baseboard heater$150 – $250
Convert from hot water heating to forced-air (cape)$8000 – $10000
Convert from hot water heating to forced-air (two story)$15000 – $20000
Clean ductwork$250 and up
Cooling/Heat Pumps Add central air conditioning on existing forced-air system$2000-$3000
Add heat pump to forced-air system$3000-$4000
Replace heat pump or air conditioning compressor$800 – $1400
Install independent air conditioning system$8000 – $15000
Insulation Insulate open attic to modern standards$1 – $1.50 / sq. ft.
Blow insulation into flat roof, cathedral ceiling or wall cavity$2 – $3.50 /sq. ft.
Improve attic ventilation$40 – $50 per vent
Plumbing Replace galvanized piping with copper (2 story with one bathroom)$2000 – $2500
Replace water line to house$1500 – $3500
Replace toilet$300 and up
Replace basin$200 and up
Replace bathtub, including ceramic tile$1500 and up
Install whirlpool bath$3000 and up
Retile bathtub enclosure$800 – $1200
Replace leaking shower stall pan$1000 – $1600
Rebuild tile shower stall$1500 – $2500
Replace laundry tubs$250 – $500
Remodel four-piece bathroom completely$6000 and up
Connect waste plumbing system to municipal sewers$3000 and up
Install submersible pump$800 and up
Install suction or jet pump$400 – $600
Install modest basement bathroom$4000 and up
Carpentry – Finish Work 
Sand and refinish hardwood floors$1.50 – $3 /sq. ft.
Interior add drywall over plaster$1.50-$2.50 /sq. ft
Install replacement windows$200 – $400 ea
Install storm windows$75 – $200 ea.
Install skylight$500 and up
Remodel kitchen completely$8000 and up
Painting (trim only)$1500 – $2500
Painting (trim and wall surfaces)$3000 and up
Fireplaces – Stoves 
Repoint chimney (2 story)$700 and up
Convert coal-burning fireplace to wood-burning unit$800 and up
Install masonry fireplace (if flue already roughed – in)$2000 and up
Install zero-clearance fireplace (including chimney)$2500 and up
Install glass doors on fireplace$300 and up
Install gas insert into existing fireplace$2500 and up