Home Buyer Reports

Reports and Documents a Home Buyer Might Need

There is a lot of paperwork that is involved when buying a home. Before beginning the buying process, you might want to ask about some of the following reports and documents that could help you make your decision. Some home problems are not a visible as others. For example, you might need a list of all improvements done without building permits and all non-conforming uses of the property.

Though this is a great list to help you get started but you may need other reports or documents, so check with your agent or broker on what reports have been done on the property. You should be aware of any legal proceedings which may affect the property like tax liens, foreclosure proceedings, pending lawsuits or bankruptcy, and zoning changes. Entering the home buying process is a large feat, so make you know everything there is to know about the property beforehand. 

Inspection Reports

Home Inspection Report
Radon Inspection Report
Septic Inspection Report
Septic Permit
Termite Inspection Report
Well Inspection Report: Potability Report
Well Inspection Report: Production Report
Well Inspection Report: Recovery Rate Report
Well Inspection Report: Well Permit
Well Inspection Report: Well Log

Home Buyer Reports

Hazardous Materials Inspection Report
Home Energy Efficiency Rating Report
Soils Report
Structural Engineer’s Report

Other Documents

Building Permits
Current Appraisal
Easements or Encroachments
Flood Zone Information
Floor Plan Drawings
HOA Rules and Regulations
Home Warranty Policy
Megan’s Law information
Mining, Abandoned Mines and Subsidence Potential Information
Rights of Way